Comedy is a big deal these days: It is front and center of our pop culture and is helping to steer the direction of our social conversation. Think what’s going on at the Late Night Show, Saturday Night Live and others. Comedy, certainly, is having a ‘golden age’ moment.

Yet, comedy today finds itself locked in the fight of its life, battling to protect the integrity of its craft, both against outside forces as well as a few in-house demons. From the aggressiveness of political correctness and the new harmfulness of joke-stealing among comics themselves to the shrewd and unfunny manipulations by corporate America, comedy appears to be at war on several fronts.

If you are wondering what’s wrong with this picture, then you’re in luck: The new book “Comedy Under Attack: The Golden Age and the Headwinds,” gives you the lowdown on what’s going on in Comedyland and how comedy can beat the obstacles in its path as it struggles to get on with the great business of laughter. The show must go on, right?

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Comedy Under Attack: The Golden Age and the Headwinds